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Kaishun Massage / The art of Erotic Massage
All Cute Japanese Girls!!

Absolutely Safe Service!!

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Welcome to Hiroshima Sexual Massage Parlor Club. We are the member of sexual massage parlor in Japan.

We would like to offer Foreigner in Japan our session to enjoy Sexual rejuvenation massage easily.
Absolutely Safe Service is our policy. No Sexual Disease. No Extra Cost.

Our girls are all Japanese with light-skinned. They has trained by the professional.
They would offer you Relax and Healing by oil massage with erotic. You would experience the erotic pleasure by our rejuvenation massage never before.

Don't hesitate to contact us. This phone and e-mail would be for English. Our staff would help your fantasy time.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
What is Kaishun Massage?
The foreigner can use  delivery massage

The foreigner can use  delivery massage
“Kaishun Massage” is an art of erotic massage derived from ancient China, which the male genitals rejuvenate to stimulate the testicles, the groin or crotch, the anal and of course the penis gently.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
All Cute Japanese Girls!!
Our girls are all cute Japanese !!
You would feel to relax by sensitive Japanese hand.

No modification pictures!!
We don't make any modification to our girl's picture.
You would be able to meet same girl in your room.

Please check our girls. ⇒ Click Here!

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Absolutely Safe Service!!
We are a legal massage service agent. We have a license from the government.

No Sexual Disease No Sexual Disease.
You would be ejaculated by girl’s hand without oral service or sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is illegal in Japan. You don't have any sexual disease by our session.

No Extra Charges No Extra Charges.
Our price is included in all services. You don't pay any extra charges after it begins.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Welcome to Foreigner who can't speak Japanese!!
Girl would have Translater with iPod when she could not speak any English.

Don't worry about a communication with her.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Our Session
Session Start
1. Shower Play

Girl washes your erogenous zone with gently touch. She would try to find your erotic pleasure.


2. Upper-body Lip

She enhances your erotic pleasure by the nipple lick etc. of putting the feather touch. You would be massaged to touch, to pat, to lick, to suck up gently by her.


3. Whole body esthetics with oil

You would be massaged whole body by her with oil. Legs, Arms, Scruff, Necks, Backs, Hips, Nipples, Testicles and Groin.


4. Groin Massage

She carefully massages your the root part of your thigh by hand and arms. Your lymph would be stimulated gently. A groin has the lymph and the nerve. This massage is effective in a healthy promotion of the man's sexual function.


5. Testicle massage

The testicle massage is for your rejuvenation. She would stimulate your testicle little by little. Our massage is added the original arrangement for erotic. It would enhance your erective.


6. Facesitting

You would experience the erotic pleasure by our rejuvenation massage never before. She would increase your sexual pleasure by the facesitting with T-back and her's aroma.


7. Prostate massage

You could experience it over 90minutes session if you want. You would be stimulated your prostate by a skillful finger technique.  Our girl has trained by the professional would visit to you. She acquired a knowledge for Prostate Massage.


8. Hand Service

Ultimate hand service with warm lotion. She leads you to the ejaculation with the combination of the testicle massages and comfortable hand service.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
How to meet our girls in Hiroshima
Rendezvous(meet girl at outside)Rendezvous(meet girl at outside)
You would meet her at the meeting place. And you would check into a hotel with her like your real girl friend. You would spend a time just like real dating with her.

Delivery(Girl visits to your room)Delivery(Girl visits to your room)
Girl would visit to your room directly. You could stay to relax in your room until she arrives.

The service time would start after checking into a hotel or after she arrives in your room. You wouldn't meet any other clients or any male staffs.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Rendezvous(meet girl at outside)
To call us and make an appointment to meet them at an ideal location and check into a hotel.
The great thing about this is that you’ll spend time just like you are on a real date with your girlfriend! You don’t have to worry about meeting other clients or our male staffs.

The time starts after you check into a hotel of course, so please enjoy the way to the hotel.

Sexual service spot that foreigner can use in Hiroshima @Call us at 06-6643-1281

■Choose where and what time to meet
 Nihonbashi-station No.7 exit or Tanimachi-Kyuchome Station No.3 exit are suggested

■Please decide the meeting time freely.

※You can also call us after you arrive at the meeting location.
Meeting Point Map is here
Adult entertainment establishment that foreigner can use AMeet the lady

■Come to the meeting location that you’ve chosen at the time of an appointment. She will find you.

※If there is a hotel you’d like to use, please feel free to do so. Otherwise the lady will take you to the one of our recommendations.
The popular sexual service spot in Japan BCheck into a hotel with her

■The session starts after you check into the hotel room.

■Please pay the fee to the lady before the session starts.

※You are responsible for the cost of the hotel.
The popular sexual service spot among foreigner CThe erotic Kaishun massage begins

Please relax and free yourself

from all the stress you have.

Let yourself go and leave it the lady.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Delivery(Girl visits to your room)
The process only takes 2 minutes by phone.So please relax at your own location until the lady arrives.

The sexual service spot that the foreigner can also safely use @Call us at 06-6643-1281 from your room

■「If you are staying at a hotel」⇒please tell us the name of the hotel and the room number.

※We do have some information about the hotels that does not allow the delivery service. However, they are not always correct.
The popular Thai massage among traveler in Osaka AWe’ll let you know the approximate time of arrival.

We’ll hang up the phone once we get your information. Then we’ll check the time of the arrival and we’ll call you right back.

The foreigner can use delivery massage BShe will prepare for the session when she arrives.

She will visit you in an outfit that looks presentable in a public place. After she arrives, she will lay a towel down on your bed. So your bed won’t be a mess. Moreover, if she arrives late more than 30 minutes, we’ll only charge the half of the fee.
Sexual service spot that foreigner can use in Osaka CThe erotic Kaishun massage begins

Please relax and free yourself

from all the stress you have.

Let yourself go and leave it

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Meeting Point Map│The popular sexual service spot among foreigner
sappro map aesthetic
■Nihonbashi-station No.7 exit

「Sakaisuzi-line」or「sennichimae-line」Please use it

■ Tanimachi-Kyuchome Station No.3 exit

「Tanimachi-line」or「Sennichimae-line」Please use it

■use the car

「Nihonbashi Hotel Area」or「Tanimachi 9 choume Hotel Area」Call in the vicinity our

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Price list / No Extra Charge after it begins!!
※Including tax
Admission fee ¥1,000 First time only.
Nomination fee ¥1,000 When you nominate
some girl.
Premium Fee ¥1,000 When you nominate
Premium Girl.
■Basic Massage Session
Testicle, hips, and nipple massage. Backs and legs oil massage. Groin lymphatic massage. Whole body massage with feather touch. Facesitting. Ejaculation by hand massage.

※Including tax
  Delivery Rendezvous
60mins ¥16,000 ¥14,000
75mins ¥20,000 ¥18,000
■Full Massage Session ← We recommend!!
Testicle, hips, and nipple massage. Backs and legs oil massage. Groin lymphatic massage. Whole body massage with feather touch. Facesitting. Ejaculation by hand massage.


Shoulder,back,palm,foot massage.Prostate massage (if desired)

※Including tax
  Delivery Rendezvous
90mins ¥24,000 ¥22,000
120mins ¥30,000 ¥28,000
150mins ¥38,000 ¥36,000
180mins ¥46,000 ¥44,000
Extension at time ¥4,000 / 15mins
※Price is included tax. Hotel Charge is not included in our price.

Special offer for our customer

Invitation for your friend

If you introduce us to your friend, we could offer to discount you and your friend. You and your friend would get a discount 2,000yen each.

How to use.
1. Please introduce us to your friend.
2. He would tell us your name and phone no, when he makes reservation.
He would get a discount 2,000yen.
3. You would get a discount 2,000yen after he used us.

Group discount

If you and your friend use us at the same time, we could offer a discount about Nomination fee(1,000yen). You and your friend could nominate your favorite girl with free.

How to use.
1. Please call us you and your friend at the same time.
2. Please tell us a favorite girl's name.
3.You and your friend would nominate girls with free.

■Payment Terms
We could accept Credit Card(VISA,Master and JCB) and Cash(Japanese Yen).
We would ask you 15% of total amount about handling, when you pay Credit Card.
■Refund Policy
You could ask us to cancellation and refundment before you meet girl.
We could not accept any cancellation, change a girl or refundment after you meet her.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
User Comment
■John 34 Australia
she was very happy and made me feel on top of the
worldI had a fantastic time, She was wonderful, i felt so good from the second we met, she was very happy and made me feel on top of the world.

If i could afford it i would see her every night. She was great company and the massage was very professional.
(from our user by e-mail.)
■posted BBS
I am happy to see a shop making an effort to attract foreign customers, and it appears the charges are the same as what Japanese pay.
(posted BBS)

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
These are frequently ask questions from our customer.

Q. Does same girl on your website come ?
A. Yes. All picture in our website doesn't be modified. Our shop girl, all is light-skinned and sexy Japanese girl. You will be able to meet same girl in our website.

Q. Do I need to pay extra charges for Foreigner?
A. We won't ask you to pay any extra charge for Foreigner. Same price is for Japanese. Please check our Price List.

Q. Is girl naked during session ?
A. Girl will put Panty and Bra when it start. During session, she will put Bra off. But she will be very close to you. You will feel her silk skin.

Q. Can I have a session in my house?
A. Yes. We should ask you a session over 90 mins. If your house is far from us, we should ask you a session in a Love Hotel near our shop. Please ask us our staff.

Q. Can you deliver a girl speaking English?
A. Yes. Some girl can speak in English. If you want to enjoy with her, please ask us when you reserve.

Reservation / Only 2 minutes
Call us 06-6643-1281
Our staff would be make your reservation by English.
If you would like to enjoy our massage within 24hours, please call us as soon.

Reservation form
We would call you for confirmation of your reservation.

items marked with required input.


Phone No  
How to meet   Delivery Rendezvous
Hotel name  
Room no  
Reservation day  Day     Month
Reservation time  time    
Reservation Session     
Your Favorite girl  No.1 
Your Favorite Type  
Payment   Cash Credit Card
Japanese   Cannot speak Broken Broken
English   Cannot speak Broken Broken

Thank you for filling.
Please check your entry on the "Confirm" button.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
Payment / Cash(JPY) VISA Master JCB
Cash (Japanese Yen Only)
We could accept Japanese Yen only.
You would pay your amount to girl before it begins.

Credit Card VISA, Master and JCB. ⇒ Click Here!
order card
We could accept a credit card issued in Japan only.
If you don't have it, please consider to pay by cash.
We would ask you to payment via Star Payment.
We would tell your total amount of payment when we call you by confirmation.

※ We should ask you to call Star Payment for a confirmation of payment. You need to understand a little Japanese at your confirmation. If you could not understand Japanese, you don't use Credit Card.

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
■ You are to receive the service not to give.
■ We do not provide any oral services.
■ You are not allowed to touch the service provider.
■ We do not have sexual intercourse since it is an illegal activity in Japan.
■ No cancellation is accepted after you meet a lady.
■ No photography is allowed with or without permission.
■ If we find a hidden camera, we will contact the authority immediately.
■ No drugs allowed.
■ If you do a prohibited activity, we must stop a session.
■ We don't accept any refund if you do a prohibited activity.
■ We may not be able to offer the service, in case the English speaking operator is not present and we can not communicate in Japanese.

For more inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

In this document, "you" stands for the receiver of the service, which is also a client. And "we" stands for the provider of the service, which is also a staff of the Kaishun sexual massage.  

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)
About us
Name:Hiroshima Kaishun Seikan Massage Club
Address:3-1-21-10 Kouzu, Chuo, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan
Manegger: Soichiro Higashiyama
License No.19464 Osaka Public Safety Commission

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)



英語での対応はオペレーターの都合上、出来ない場合がございます。日本語でのお申し込みは、店舗でも承っております。 札幌店:011-530-6969

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)

札幌初のエッチな回春性感マッサージは、札幌市内全域、江別市、北広島市、石狩市、小樽市等のラブホテルビジネスホテルシティホテル・自宅への出張デリヘル)、 もしくは、札幌・すすきの近辺での待ち合わせでもどちらでも皆様のニーズに合わせてご案内させて頂きますのと同時に、当店男性スタッフと一切顔を合わせる事が無く当店女性との対面のみでご案内可能ですので安心して皆様にはご利用頂けるシステムとなっております。