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Delivery(Girl visits to your room)
The process only takes 2 minutes by phone.So please relax at your own location until the lady arrives.

The sexual service spot that the foreigner can also safely use @Call us at 06-6643-1281 from your room

■「If you are staying at a hotel」⇒please tell us the name of the hotel and the room number.

※We do have some information about the hotels that does not allow the delivery service. However, they are not always correct.
The popular Thai massage among traveler in Osaka AWe’ll let you know the approximate time of arrival.

We’ll hang up the phone once we get your information. Then we’ll check the time of the arrival and we’ll call you right back.

The foreigner can use delivery massage BShe will prepare for the session when she arrives.

She will visit you in an outfit that looks presentable in a public place. After she arrives, she will lay a towel down on your bed. So your bed won’t be a mess. Moreover, if she arrives late more than 30 minutes, we’ll only charge the half of the fee.
Sexual service spot that foreigner can use in Osaka CThe erotic Kaishun massage begins

Please relax and free yourself

from all the stress you have.

Let yourself go and leave it

●Reservation・Order⇒Phone number:06-6643-1281 (am9:00〜Next morning am5:00)

HOME -> English -> Delivery(Girl visits to your room)